French kiss – Sweet and icy grapes -(Taboo)

Bikini Sunset – Sweet yellow melon – (Taboo)

American pie – Double Apple , mint – (Taboo)

Miss Jossy – Fresh Ice, Raspberry , Strawberry – (Holster)

Qumi Punch – Juicy Kiwi – (Holster)

Passionata – passion fruit mojito – (Chaos)

Monkey Brain – Cola , lime – (Nameless)

Love 66 – Sweet, summer mix of melon and watermelon, complemented by the sourness of tropical passion fruit (420 light)

Summer vibes – An interesting combination of orange and lemon, complemented by the sweetness of watermelon and chewing gum (420 light)

Green mix – Kiwi, apple and mint (420 light)

Holls – Pleasant and memorable taste of lollipops with lemon and honey aftertaste (420 light)



PREMIUM HOOKAH ( 125lei ) :

EKZO – Watermelon,  Strawberry  – (Element Air)

TROPIKANA –  Sweet mango, passion fruit – (Element Air)

TRDELNIK – Kurtos – (Element Air)

Lemon sweets – Sweet lemon ( Blackburn)

Haribon – Haribo jelly  ( Blackburn)

Papaya v Obed – Sweet papaya (Blackburn)

Elderberry shock – Sweet and sour Elderberry (Blackburn)

Blackberry lemonade – Blackberry tea(Blackburn)

Tropic smoothie – A sweet smoothie with tropical flavors (Musthave)

Berry holls – Fresh berry (Musthave)

Cherry lemonade – Cherry lemonade (Deadhorse)

Energy Mango – Energy drink with mango (Deadhorse)

Vanilla drink – Vanilla drink (Deadhorse)

Pineapple rings – Sweet pineapple (Deadhorse)

Lemon tea – Lemon tea (Deadhorse)

Raspberry soda – Raspberry (Deadhorse)

Pinky peach – Juicy peach ( Deadhorse)

Indigo – A great ready-made mix of blueberries, fragrant raspberries and elderberries (Deadhorse)



Changing flavor (65 lei)

Fruit bowl – apple/ orange/ grapefruit/ pomegranate/pineapple

(The price is different Ask the hookah master for this type of bowl)